Art & Friendship

Art & Friendship: the Hubbells and the Moras celebrated the art of Jo Mora in the context of his love of life in the West and his relationship with the Hubbell family and others in New Mexico and Arizona.  

Joseph Jacinto Mora (1876−1947) created vibrant works depicting daily life in the West in a wide variety of mediums, including drawing, painting, illustration, cartooning, sculpture, photography, map-making, and writing. Mora was born in Uruguay on October 22, 1876, moved to the eastern United States when he was a young child, attended art school and worked as an illustrator and cartoonist in the Boston area, before spending the rest of his adult life living and working in the western United States.

He spent time in California, Arizona, and living on the Hopi reservation, as well as traveling in the Southwest. Mora is probably best known for a series of maps – or cartes, as he referred to them – that he created. These historically accurate, humorous, and collectable prints have entertained viewers for years. Learn more about Jo Mora and view additional artwork at

The public was invited to explore the colorful, family-friendly exhibit featuring work from his time at Hopi, depictions of cowboy life, and anecdotes of his relationship with the Hubbell family. Lectures, art workshops, and other programs accompanied the exhibit. Find additional exhibit details at

The exhibit was on view from November 19, 2021 through Saturday, January 22, 2022. 


Exhibit Opening Reception

Friday, November 19 • 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Meet Jo Mora Trust curator Peter Hiller and see the new exhibit!

Gallery Talk: Jo Mora and the Hubbells

Saturday, November  20 • 11 a.m.
Join Jo Mora Trust Curator, Peter Hiller, for a walk through the gallery and an in-depth dive into Jo Mora’s life and work. Learn about Peter Hiller’s new book and get your copy signed from the author!

Budgee Cottontail’s Rodeo

Saturday, January 15 • 11 a.m. – Noon
Enjoy a family-friendly morning of rodeo and ranch games. Try your hand at creating your own brand, join the potato sack race, or compete in a stickhorse rodeo game!