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Evening hours are here for the summer – every Thursday until 7pm.  

 We will be open by appointment only on Tuesdays. 

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 Last Chance !

This is the last week to see Genízaro Identity and Continuance. The exhibit is open through Saturday, June 1 and guided tours are available during museum open hours, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, 10-2 and Thursday 10-7


Genizaro Identity, Indigenous Captivity and Native American DNA

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Events are FREE but we ask that you please register! To register call: 505-314-0398 or online at: https://www.bernco.gov/events.aspx 





                         Visit the Garden and see the new signage:

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Moises Gonzalez spoke about the history of the Genizaro people for the community galley exhibition Genizaro Ethnogenesis, ritual and continuance.


What is a Genízaro?

The term genízaro was the designation given to North American Indians of mixed tribal derivation living among the Hispanic population in Spanish fashion: that is, having Spanish surnames from their masters, Christian names through baptism, speaking a simple form of Spanish, and living together or sprinkled among the Hispanic towns and ranchos (Chavez, 1979).  

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San Antonio Padua Church is 11191 State Highway 14 N, Cedar Crest NM

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This book accompanies the Geniazro exhibit

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