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Current Exhibit

Fiestas in our Mountain Villages: Place-Based History by Children 

On View
July 29, 2022 – September 24, 2022

Fiestas Postcard

Water Conservation Workshops
Summer 2022  

Please join us for the Water Conservation Workshops Summer 2022! Topics include rainwater harvesting, graywater, and drip irrigation.

These workshops are free and are offered through a partnership between Bernalillo County, the Arid LID Coalition, the Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District, the Water Authority, and the ABQ Backyard Refuge Program

Summer 2022 Water Conservation Workshops

2022 4th Annual Prickly Pear Festival  

Join us at Gutiérrez Hubbell House for the 4th Annual New Mexico Prickly Pear Festival as we celebrate everything prickly pear!

The festival features a wide range of programming such as cooking demonstrations showing people how to use prickly pear fruit and pads in their own kitchens; workshops and talks about prickly pear processing and interesting and unique ways to use prickly pear; and programming for farmers, ranchers, and gardeners for how and why to incorporate this native plant into their systems. 

The festival also features a full market with vendors selling a variety of prickly pear products: food, drinks, bath & body products, art, crafts, and more; as well as live music at our festival stage. 

Tickets are $7 for Early Bird (before September 1st); $6 for students and children; and $10 general admission. Day 2 registration is FREE, but registration is still required to attend.

Learn more about The New Mexico Prickly Pear Festival HERE.

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