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Plow to Pantry Garden Series:

Join Ms. Teresa Valverde here at the Gutiérrez-Hubbell House and learn how to improve and preserve your garden harvest!  This two-part presentation will help you to create a plan of action for planting, harvesting, and preserving the abundance that springs from your garden.  Infused with heartwarming stories combining local traditions and homegrown culture, complete with demonstrations and tasting samples, you will be inspired to cultivate your own path towards successful harvesting!

Join us for Part I on February 28th from 9:30 am to 11:30 am here at the GHH to plan your garden with the intent to preserve.  We’ll be learning how to make thoughtful choices concerning plant selection and the resting of our soils/souls. 

Part II will take place on March 7th from 9:30 am to 11:30 am .  We will pull back the veil on food preservation and discuss easy techniques for drying, canning, and freezing.  Come share your stories – – your slip-ups and successes!  Equipment, time, and costs will be considered.


The Plow to Pantry series is made possible by the Hubbell House Alliance and is free of charge. 



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About the Gutiérrez-Hubbell House:

Built in the mid 1800’s, the Gutiérrez-Hubbell House has served as a private residence, trading post, stagecoach stop and post office on the historic Camino Real.  After a ten year rehabilitation, this 160 year-old natural adobe house is being furnished with period pieces, outdoor interpretive signs and structures, reconstructed photographs and artifacts to provide a glimpse at how people lived during three forms of government.

The Gutiérrez-Hubbell House and Open Space have become a special gathering place and space for neighbors and friends from all corners of Bernalillo County, the state and the country. Besides being a popular venue for retreats, workshops, meetings and weddings, we also offer a variety of educational activities. We provide agriculture and history workshops and Backyard Farming workshops. Visit us Sunday October 11, 2015 for our wonderful Local Food Festival, a free public event with food, lectures, activities for children, food tasting, live music and much more. Continue browsing to discover everything the Gutiérrez-Hubbell House has to offer.

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        The house is seen on a winter’s day from Isleta Boulevard.



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